Ash Catchers for Bongs

Often we are told that ash catchers for bongs are a must have addition and I could not agree with that statement more! If I were you I would not even bother considering to buy an ash catcher for your bong, I would go a head and order one right away. As soon as I connected mine the fun with bongs really started.

What does the ash catcher look like

These are smaller inserts that include a chamber for ash to fall through, this basically helps save your bong from being clogged up with ash (especially if you have a percolator inside your bong).


How do they differ from the bong pre cooler?

If you want a smoother smoke as well as a way to catch ash, then a bong pre cooler is the way to go! The ash catcher for bongs does not involve water, so for this reason ash catchers are smaller and cheaper.
We have the best precoolers listed, so why not give them a read and find yourself a great new smoking tool!