Bong Precooler

Adding a bong precooler is a very exciting thought! Bong precoolers are an amazing way to smoothen the smoke out whilst adding a lot of fun to your bong usage! Imagine combine this excitement with glass bong bowls too! Bong ash catchers are the same thing pretty much, but instead of making use of water like the precoolers do they just catch ash. So most smokers agree that the bong ash catcher does not even come close to the benefits that precoolers for bongs give. The precooler for bong range can be as cheap or expensive as you make it, with online head shops charging as little as £14 for a bong precooler in the UK, you can start reaping the benefits of the precoolers for bongs at a cheap price.

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Ash Catcher for Bong

As I mentioned, ash catchers for bongs are nothing to precoolers for bongs. I would always suggest using water to smoothen out your smoke where ever possible, if you have a percolator then I suggest adding water to that too! Finding a bong precooler for sale will not take you long as most online shops are selling them, just be sure to find the correct size such as 14mm precoolers (or more precisily 14.5mm).

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Precoolers for Bongs

The best bong precooler is simply any that contain a percolator. We know that honeycomb and tree percolators are the best, so any that contains one or two of these will be the best for sale.

Precooler UK

I myself live in the UK so picking up a precooler in the UK is far easier than messing around with customs. Until bong websites like these came around me, my friends and many other smokers had to buy precoolers from the USA and wait for them to be shipped over, which was very expensive. But after HerbTools came along with their UK based bong shop it has been like heaven! Before you click over there see these bongs for sale at and then compare!

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